Scanning device Type 11‑12W

12 channels

Used with devices: TSC-2M-16, TSC-3M-12, TSC-4M-16, TSC-5M-32, TSC-7М-16, TSC-9М-12

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Scanning device photos

The specialized highly sensitive twelve-channel scanning device with integrated three-component flux-gate transducers and analogue-digital converter. It is designed for non-contact magnetometric diagnostics of gas- and oil-pipelines being buried at the depth of 2-3 m.

The scanning device is manufactured in the form of a telescopic bar with a rod for mounting of four three-component sensors. The rod length and the distance between the sensors depend on the diameter of the inspected pipe.

The scanning device mounted on the road measuring wheel. At the same time the scanning device can be used both with the measuring wheel and independently.