Software MMM‑Lifetime 2

Specialized program to assess residual lifetime of equipment

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"MMM-Lifetime" is a specialized program for assessment of equipment metal's residual lifetime by the fatigue damage in stress concentration zones (SCZs) based on the diagnostic data obtained using the metal magnetic memory method.

The program can be used for assessment of stress level in SCZs.

Residual lifetime is assessed on equipment with SCZs before the formation (or at the initial stage of development) of a microcrack. Normally equipment with microcracks and macro defects is subject to repair or replacement.

The program uses reference mechanical characteristics of the Inspection Object's metal and energy criteria of the Inspection Object's stress-strain state, obtained during the inspection by the MMM method.

The program calculates and displays the following values as the results:

  • ultimate stress limit – σlim;
  • limiting factor – Klim;
  • stress level in SCZs – σmax;
  • limiting time of operation – Тlim;
  • residual lifetime – Тlife.

Residual lifetime of the equipment may be calculated in years or hours.