Presentation of test results

The results of the fulfilled diagnostics using the MMM method and conventional inspection methods and means are presented in the form of the report (conclusion). The report, as a rule, includes the following parts:

  • scope of work;
  • inspection methods and means;
  • test results with an explanatory note and figures.

At the Customer's request the report provides the detailed data on test results of all units with printout of diagrams characterizing the units’ stressed-strained state.

Once carried out, a 100% equipment MMM-inspection allows detecting the least reliable elements and units, selecting inspection areas in order to further inspect only them. Based on MMM-inspection results certification of the most damageable parts and units may be introduced in repair practice. For example, for turbine last stages blades a certificate for each individual blade can be made by magnetic characteristics, and further monitoring of their condition variations and their timely replacement can be performed. Test results by conventional methods (UT, metallographic analysis, thickness and hardness measurement, etc.) are presented as separate conclusions supplemented to the MMM-inspection data.

Conclusions and recommendations include:

  • basic inspection results of units limiting equipment reliability;
  • reasons of detected damages and defects;
  • measures on reliability assurance reflecting individual units recommended for replacement during a regular repairs and during the next overhaul, works on structures strengthening;
  • life estimation and recommendations on its prolongation terms as well as the terms of the next inspection using NDT means.

The title page and conclusions on individual inspection types should contain executors' surnames and their qualification level. The number of State Engineering Supervision (Rostechnadzor) of Russia license should be indicated on the page. Director of Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd approves the report.