Scanning device Type 1‑8E

8 channels

Used with devices: TSC-2M-16, TSC-3M-12, TSC-4M-16, TSC-5M-32, TSC-6M-8, TSC-7М-16, TSC-9M-12

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Scanning device photos

The scanning device with eight flux-gate transducers in their two-component installation for simultaneous measuring of the normal (Нy) and tangential (Нх) components of the magnetic field and encoder for counting length.

The scanning device is designed for inspection of pipelines, vessels and extended welded joints.

It is manufactured in form of a 4-wheel trolley with four flux-gate transducers and a length-counting device. It is possible to inspect the objects on distance of 2-5 m at the use of a specialized extension rode. The sensor can be used for railway track inspection at installation of special brackets.

Application of the scanning device