September 08, 2022

Scientific and technical council of the SIU "RISCOM"

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Scientific and technical council of the Scientific-industrial Unit "Industrial Safety, Risks Management, Control and Monitoring" (SIU "RISCOM") September 08, 2022.

Topics of the meeting
  • Metal magnetic memory method. Theory. Practical possibilities and limitations.
  • The concept of technical diagnostics and risk assessment based on early detection of damage by the metal magnetic memory and acoustic emission.
The following Resolution was adopted
  • SIU RISCOM Scientific and Technical Council notes the efficiency of the metal magnetic memory method (MMM) in early diagnostics of damages, especially in combination with conventional non-destructive testing methods (ultrasonic, X-ray, eddy current, etc.).
  • To recommend the MMM method for monitoring the actual stress-strain state of extended pipelines, both in contact and non-contact options of its application.
  • Taking into account the experimentally established relationship between magnetic, acoustic and mechanical characteristics, to recommend the MMM method in combination with AE for monitoring the condition of technical devices.
  • To take into account the positive feedback from a number of leading experts of industry and educational institutions on the book by authors V.T. Vlasov and A.A. Dubov “Physical bases of the metal magnetic memory method”, Moscow: ZAO “Tisso”, 2004.

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