June 15, 2018

12th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing

12th ECNDT has been successfully held on June 11-15, 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd took an active part in the Exhibition on the booth D03:06 with topic "Metal magnetic memory method - New Trend in NDT".

The inspection instruments and scanning devices for MMM method were presented. About 100 specialists from Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the USA and other countries attended booth of Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd.

Most specialists were interested in the technology and equipment for non-contact magnetometric diagnostics of buried pipelines.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd experts took an active part in the Conference. 12th June they presented 4 oral papers in the special session "Metal Magnetic Memory":

  • Study of the fatigue failure process of steel specimens using the metal magnetic memory method.
  • Results of steel specimens tensile testing using the metal magnetic memory method.
  • Detection of local stress concentration zones in engineering components - the lacking link in the NDT system.
  • Technical diagnostics of underground pipelines based on the non-contact magnetometric diagnostics, the metal magnetic memory method and conventional non-destructive testing methods.

12th European Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden

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