March 01, 2011

The New Methodical Guidelines and Inspection Techniques

The new methodical guidelines and inspection techniques developed by Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd:

  • Technical guideline for non-contact magnetometric inspection of gas and oil pipelines using the TSC-type instruments.
  • Technical guideline for inspection of large-diameter pipelines (⌀530÷1420mm) using specialized scanning devices and the MMM method.
  • Technical guideline for inspection of rolling-mill working and back-up rolls.
  • Technical guideline for ⌀2,0 and ⌀2,6 steel wire inspection.
  • Technical guideline for inspection of locomotive power components (frog, shaft, spline joints).
  • The technique for control of stress distribution in tightened bolted joints.
  • The methodical guidelines for engineering diagnostics of high-voltage line derrick guys fastening units.

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