March 20, 2008

Method of metal magnetic memory and inspection instruments. Training handbook

UDC 620.179.14

ISBN 5-8122-0292-3

Publisher - ZAO "TISSO", Moscow, 2008, 365 p. Fourth edition.

The "Method of metal magnetic memory and inspection instruments" Training handbook is developed by Dr., professor of the "Power equipment repairs and modernization" Chair of the Institute of State Employees’ Qualification Improvement Dubov A.A., by deputy director of "Energodiagnostika" Co. Ltd Dubov Al.A. and by head of "Energodiagnostika" Co. Ltd Certification Center Kolokolnikov S.M.

The modern problems of engineering product quality control, of equipment and structures fatigue damages diagnostics and lifetime estimation are considered. The capabilities of the metal magnetic memory method for solution of the indicated problems are shown.

The brief information on the physical basis of MMM is shown.

The methodology, ways of inspection results processing and boundary conditions of the MMM method application are considered.

The program of Level I, II and III specialists training agreed with the State Engineering Supervision of Russian Federation (Rostechnadzor), the list of examination questions and answers, operating instructions for the specialized TSC-type instruments are considered. Description of technical program means and standard inspection techniques and standards is given.

This Training handbook is intended for experts in non-destructive testing, engineering diagnostics, scientific employees, students of higher educational establishments, engineering staff of machine-building enterprises and various industries dealing with reliability assurance at equipment and structures operation.

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