November 05, 2007

Non-destructive testing - Metal magnetic memory - Part 2: General requirements

Publication date November 01, 2007


This part of ISO 24497 specifies the general requirements for the application of the method of metal magnetic memory of components, units, equipment and structures for various application purposes.

The purposes of the method are the following:

  • Determination of heterogeneity of the equipment and structures stressed-strained state and revealing of stresses concentration zones as the main sources of damage development.
  • Determination of locations of metal sampling in stresses concentration zones for assessment of the structural-mechanical state.
  • Early diagnostics of fatigue damages and evaluation of equipment and structure life.
  • Reduction of testing and material costs with its utilization in combination with conventional methods of non-destructive testing.
  • Quality control of welded joints of various types and embodiment (including contact and spot welding).
  • Express sorting of new and used machine-building products by their structural heterogeneity.

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