April 10, 2007

Book Physical Theory of the Strain-Failure Process. Part I. Physical criteria of the limiting states of the metal

UDC 620:539.4:669.017:669.001

ISBN 5-8122-0265-6

Publisher - ZAO "TISSO", Moscow, 2007, 517 p.

The book "Physical Theory of the Strain-Failure Process. Part I. Physical criteria of the limiting states of the metal" is developed by candidate of technical sciences V.T. Vlasov and by Dr., professor of the "Power equipment repairs and modernization" Chair of the Institute of State Employees' Qualification Improvement A.A. Dubov.

Based on the analysis of long-term experimental investigations of various industrial objects using the metal magnetic memory method and on the analysis of reasons for low effectiveness of available stress control methods, disagreement of diagnostic results with established ideas about internal stress characteristics is revealed.

Basic provisions of the materials resistance theory are considered and their misuse at solution of equipment's residual life estimation problems is demonstrated. Delusiveness of ideas about existence of principal axes and principal stresses is proved. Capabilities and principal limitations of macroscopic theories of plasticity, yielding and creep at stressed states calculations are analyzed. The physical definition of the concept of "internal stresses" is provided.

The physical definition of a structural element as an integral characteristic of the material's energy state is given for the first time. Analytical correlation of local physical parameters of the structural element straining with real mechanical macro characteristics of the material is established. Physical criteria of the limiting state of products' material are determined.

Bases of the physical theory of the "strain - failure" process are developed. This theory will ensure objective effectiveness evaluation of various stress-strained state inspection methods, strength calculations and equipment life prediction. It will allow providing scientific grounding of defects admissibility norms and the degree of their hazard in non-destructive testing, as well as more effective solution of other problems of fracture mechanics.

The book is intended for specialists in non-destructive testing, engineering diagnostics, scientific officers, students of Higher Educational Establishments, engineering personnel of machine-building enterprises and various industries dealing with reliability assurance at equipment and structures operation.

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