May 25, 2005

GOST R 52330-2005

State Standard of Russian Federation. Non-destructive Testing. Stressed-Strained State Test of Industrial Objects and Transport. General Requirements

Introduction date 01 September, 2005

Designation and scope

It is known that Stress Concentration Zones (SCZ), occurring due to technological defects during fabrication, working loads or their combinations are main sources of the equipment and structures damages.

In new machine-building products SCZ occur due to structural heterogeneity and fabricating technology.

Presence of SCZ both on new and already used products significantly reduce their lifetime. Therefore control of products’ stress-strained state and SCZ detection using means of non-destructive testing are important national-economic tasks.

SCZ may vary from parts of micron (product microvolume) up to sizes comparable with these of a product itself (macrovolume).

This standard specifies general requirements to application of methods and means of non-destructive testing of stress-strained state on industrial objects and transport at assessment of machine-building products’, equipment’s and structures’ lifetime.

This standard applies to products and equipment made of steel and alloys, cast iron and other structural materials without limitations on size and thickness including welded joints.

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