February 20, 2003

Features distinguishing version 3.0 of the "MMM-System" program from its version 2.0

The new version of the "MMM-System 3.0" program was issued in February 2003. The version 3.0 has the following features distinguishing it from the version 2.0:

  • Automatic processing of inspection results with detection of maximum stress concentration zones and determination of the limiting state (the pre-failure state of components) by the magnetic parameters of the metal's deformability.
  • Volumetric representation of maximum stress concentration zones arrangement.
  • Visual representation of arrangement of stress concentration lines - the basic criterion of the Inspection Object's stress-strain state assessment (the chart of stress concentration lines).
  • Automatic plotting of the volumetric distribution of the Hр field on the Inspection Object's surface with the coordinate grid step of 1x1 mm.
  • Expanded capabilities of inspection results representation depending on conditions and Inspection Objects. Correction of the current file data: changing of the scanning step of a specific measurement channel; changing of the interval between the channels; changing of the length of a specific channel; deleting or cutting out of the data blocks for a specific channel; shifting of the Hр graph relative to the zero level; graph smoothing in order to decrease the influence of disturbances occurring during the inspection; uniting of several measurement channels into one channel; changing of the record discreteness of a specific channel; channel cloning.
  • Creating of templates for representation of the inspection results.
  • Alternative access to the main menu options by means of contextual menus.
  • During the files transmission from the TSC instrument to the computer - the capability of automatic calculation of the computed channels by the base for further analysis of inspection results.
  • During the files transmission from the TSC instrument to the computer - the possibility to input a general comment for the group of the transmitted files.

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