Metal Magnetic Memory Method
Metal Magnetic Memory Method
February 26, 2021
Online Conference "Diagnostics of Equipment and Structures Using the Metal Magnetic Memory". February 25, 2021
March 31, 2020
The second edition of ISO 24497-2:2020(E) Non-destructive testing – Metal magnetic memory – Part 2: Inspection of welded joints was published
March 31, 2020
The second edition of ISO 24497-1:2020(E) Non-destructive testing – Metal magnetic memory – Part 1: Vocabulary and general requirements was published

Application of the Metal Magnetic Memory Method

Power Engineering

Engineering diagnostics, assessment of power equipment’s basic elements residual life

Boilers: pipelines, vessels and apparatuses, welded joints, armature.
Turbine equipment: steam turbine rotors, steam turbine blades, support equipment.

Oil and Gas Complex

Engineering diagnostics, residual life assessment

Oil and gas trunk pipelines. Industrial pipelines. Compressor plant equipment. Production tree.

Chemical Industry

Engineering diagnostics, residual life assessment

Pipelines for various technological purposes. Vessels and apparatuses. Welded joints. Armature.

Metal Structures

Inspection and engineering diagnostics

Bridge structures. High-rise structures. Mine plants. Drilling rigs. Fastening members.

Railway Transport

Inspection and engineering diagnostics

Rails. Wheel pairs. Automatic coupling elements. Locomotive and car parts. Support equipment.


Inspection and engineering diagnostics

Power plant parts. Undercarriage bolted joints. Aircraft hull elements.

Sea Transport

Engineering diagnostics

Power plant elements. Industrial pipelines. Hoisting devices. Support equipment.

Hoisting Machines

Inspection and engineering diagnostics

Main bearing components of hoisting machines for various purposes and design.

Mechanical Engineering

Quality control of machine-building products. Inspection of residual stresses in products

Components. Welded joints. Products.


Quality control of cast products and sections

Rolling-mill machinery elements for various applications. Finished products. Support equipment.

Scientific Researches

Stress-strained state testing

Stress-strained state testing. Detection of stress concentration zones.
Investigation of structural-mechanical properties of metal.


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