Metal Magnetic Memory Method
Metal Magnetic Memory Method
October 30, 2017
Second International Conference on Diagnostics of Structures and Components Using Metal Magnetic Memory Method. April 24-25, 2018, Budapest, Hungary
July 01, 2017
More than 60 testimonials of organizations on the MMM method efficiency based on the results of practical diagnostics of equipment were presented at the workshop.
June 30, 2017
Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd took an active part in the work of the Congress, Exhibition and in the meetings of the International Society for Condition Monitoring, 13-16 June 2017 in London, UK.

2nd International Conference on Diagnostics of Structures and Components Using Metal Magnetic Memory Method

April 24-25, 2018, Budapest, Hungary



The Conference is supported by:





Organizing Committee

  • Anatoly Dubov - Co-Chairman of Conference Organizing Committee, Russia
  • Peter Ladanyi - Co-Chairman of Conference Organizing Committee, Hungary
  • Imre Czinege, Hungary
  • Sergey Kolokolnikov, Russia
  • Roderic K. Stanley, USA
  • Peter Trampus, Hungary
  • Gerd Dobmann, Germany
  • Istvan Meszaros, Hungary
  • Vaclav Svoboda, Czech Republic
  • Vladimir Troitskiy, Ukraine
  • Lajos Kelemen, Hungary
  • Andrzej Radziszewszki, Poland
  • Igor Szajniak, Russia
  • Weimin Zhang, China
  • Secretary of Conference: Laszlo Gillemot, Hungary, gillemot@marovisz.hu, Office phone: +36 1 278 0632, Private mobile: +36 20 984 5878

Conference Topics

  • Physical bases of the Metal Magnetic Memory (MMM) method. Experimental research of the physical-mechanical properties of metals using the MMM method
  • New theories in the magnetization of metals
  • Magneto-elastic effects and domain structures
  • Development of the MMM method in Europe, Russia and other countries
  • Non-contact diagnostics of buried pipelines based on the MMM method
  • Stress-strained states properties of metals with special regard to welded joints
  • Inspection of machine-building products quality by structural inhomogeneity and residual stresses
  • Experience in the use of the MMM method at inspection and lifetime assessment of pipelines, structures and components
  • Metal limiting state criteria at assessment of residual lifetime. Stress-strain state tests of structures and components
  • Using the MMM method in the Fitness for Services Procedures and in the Asset Management System
  • Personnel training on the MMM method and training in the field of stress-strain state testing and engineering diagnostics

The official language of the Conference is: English.

Schedule for Abstracts and Papers Submission

Deadlines of abstracts: 15th of December, 2017.

Acceptance of presentation will be confirmed not later than 31th of January, 2018.

The full text of presentation for the Proceeding as well as the presentation for projecting should be handed over at the beginning of the Conference or earlier.

The abstract shall be in English and not more than two pages A4 size with 25 mm margin on all sides. The abstract and the paper should be sent by e-mail.


The registration is available through the MAROVISZ web-site. Please use the following link: www.marovisz.hu/2nd_MMM_Conference_registration, or www.marovisz/hu and push the registration button.

Finishing the registration the system will inform you about it and in several days, you will get an e-mail about the registration together with Proform Invoice and a link for accommodation reserve.

The Registration fee includes the cost of the Conference Proceedings, lunches and banquet, organization expenses and must be paid till 1th of April 2018 by transfer to the account of MAROVISZ IBAN:

HU 72 10200830-32323070-00000000 (Bank: K&H Swift code OKH B HU HB).

Early registration fee till to 15th of December, 2017: 350 € + VAT / participant

Registration fee: 400 € + VAT / participant

For the member countries of the European Union is no VAT, for the others it is 27 %.

Conference Venue

The conference will be organized in the hotel located on the bank of the Danube:


62-64, Karpat Str., 1133 Budapest, Hungary

Accommodation should be booked directly in the Hotel website by a link which ensures a special room price.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd is the main developer of a principally new non-destructive testing method and inspection instruments based on application of the method of metal magnetic memory (MMM method).
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