Metal Magnetic Memory Method
Metal Magnetic Memory Method
January 15, 2020
Positive reviews on the book by V.T. Vlasov and A.A. Dubov “Physical Bases of the Metal Magnetic Memory Method” were received from the leading Russian universities
May 23, 2019
Meeting of Specialist International Group on the metal magnetic memory method of the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing
May 23, 2019
Third International Conference on Diagnostics of Structures and Components Using Metal Magnetic Memory Method. May 22-23, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Features distinguishing version 3.0 of the "MMM-System" program from its version 2.0

The new version of the "MMM-System 3.0" program was issued in February 2003. The version 3.0 has the following features distinguishing it from the version 2.0:

  • Automatic processing of inspection results with detection of maximum stress concentration zones and determination of the limiting state (the pre-failure state of components) by the magnetic parameters of the metal’s deformability.
  • Volumetric representation of maximum stress concentration zones arrangement.
  • Visual representation of arrangement of stress concentration lines - the basic criterion of the Inspection Object’s stress-strain state assessment (the chart of stress concentration lines).
  • Automatic plotting of the volumetric distribution of the Hp field on the Inspection Object’s surface with the coordinate grid step of 1x1 mm.
  • Expanded capabilities of inspection results representation depending on conditions and Inspection Objects. Correction of the current file data: changing of the scanning step of a specific measurement channel; changing of the interval between the channels; changing of the length of a specific channel; deleting or cutting out of the data blocks for a specific channel; shifting of the Hp graph relative to the zero level; graph smoothing in order to decrease the influence of disturbances occurring during the inspection; uniting of several measurement channels into one channel; changing of the record discreteness of a specific channel; channel cloning.
  • Creating of templates for representation of the inspection results.
  • Alternative access to the main menu options by means of contextual menus.
  • During the files transmission from the TSC instrument to the computer - the capability of automatic calculation of the computed channels by the base for further analysis of inspection results.
  • During the files transmission from the TSC instrument to the computer - the possibility to input a general comment for the group of the transmitted files.
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