Metal Magnetic Memory Method
Metal Magnetic Memory Method
February 26, 2021
Online Conference "Diagnostics of Equipment and Structures Using the Metal Magnetic Memory". February 25, 2021
March 31, 2020
The second edition of ISO 24497-2:2020(E) Non-destructive testing – Metal magnetic memory – Part 2: Inspection of welded joints was published
March 31, 2020
The second edition of ISO 24497-1:2020(E) Non-destructive testing – Metal magnetic memory – Part 1: Vocabulary and general requirements was published

Stress-strain state testing. Program for training and certification of Level I, II and III specialists

Stress testing introduced by the ISO 9712:2012(E).

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd. Certification Body is accredited to conduct personnel certification in the field of stress-strain state non-destructive testing (SSS NDT) on the basis of the Accreditation Certificate No. НОАП-0019 of November 22, 2019, issued by JSC "STC" Industrial Safety".

The Program of experts training in the field of SSS NDT considers the main goals and tasks of SSS testing that have formed in the course of practical application, taking into account the modern knowledge of fracture mechanics. Particular attention is paid to modern problems arising during the equipment inspection and lifetime assessment. In the course of training the regulatory documents and industry standards on "Stress testing" are studied.

In addition, during training and certification, the magnetic testing section (MT-SSS) takes into account the 30-year experience in application of the metal magnetic memory (MMM) method that, compared to other SSS NDT methods, allows to perform express control of SSS in complicated industrial conditions, including various methods of SSS estimation based on the results of non-contact magnetometric diagnostics of underground pipelines.

At present SSS testing using the MMM method, which allows to detect stress concentration zones with the limiting state of the metal before failure, is the only way to prevent sudden fatigue damages of various equipment units operating under cyclic loads.

Energodiagnostika Co. Ltd is the main developer of a principally new non-destructive testing method and inspection instruments based on the metal magnetic memory (MMM)
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